ICT And Exercise In 5th Grade

The main task of one of our projects called ‘ICT and exercise in 5th grade’ was to develop a lesson plan which integrates ICT and exercise for a class in the 5th grade (age 11). We, as the study group, had to become a teacher team around this 5th grade class. Our main task was to develop a week study plan for the pupils.

Our group decided it would be useful for children to create a project during their Project Week. The main task for them is to choose and compare two different cultures and write and present the whole project in English.

Here is what we have done:

The timetable for the 5th grade

Learning objectives

  • The main learning objective of the week: to get acquainted with new cultures and their traditions.
  • English: as English is our ‘lingua franca’ in the globalized society, we have to, as teachers, prepare our students for the world they are gonna experience. This is also important as the students are already aware of global issues (environmental issues, poverty, etc.) and users of international culture (music, movies, etc.). That is why the goals for the student is to be able to comprehend English, use and produce texts in English, and be able to participate in culture meetings. They should be taught the tools to expand this knowledge on their own as they are taught how to learn and communicate. They should get these tools through different methods in a positive learning-environment.
  • Cooking: In cooking the student should be taught to make healthy choices about food throughout their lives. The students are taught to cook food they like and comprehend the cultural values of food.
  • History: Chronological contexts from the earlier years are expanded upon and the students have to be able to place important events and persons in chronological order, as well as explain the principles behind the way history is divided into periods. The students are taught the links between Danish and international history. The students should be able to credit their sources.

After deciding which learning objectives have to be fulfilled, we started planning each day separately. The result is shown below.

The Study Plan

Presentation of what we have to do, showing the programs we are going to work with during the week and describe how they are working. Short introduction to different cultures and show the example of comparing English and Danish culture.
Activity ‘Would you rather..?’
*break 30 minutes*
Splitting pupils in groups (4-5 pupils in a group), making each group picking two different countries with two different cultures to compare. Describing the task and what exactly has to be in the project.
*break 30 minutes*
Beginning of working with the project.
Teaching materials used: SmartBoard

Begin with the activity – exercise game called The Lion King. Showing the YouTube video about the history of the entire world, discussion.
*Break 30 minutes*
Kahoot about the video. The pupils continue working with the project.
*Break 30 minutes*
Pupils continue working on the project. Deciding what meal to cook on Wednesday.
Teaching materials used: YouTube, SmartBoard, Kahoot, deck of cards

Continuing working on the projects.
*break 30 minutes*
Introduction of the “cooking day”. Handing out the guides about the meal pupils have to cook. Pupils cook two national dishes.
*Break 30 minutes*
Pupils continue cooking.
Reflection on current and previous experience.
Teaching materials used: SmartBoard, cooking guides,

Finishing the projects.
*Break 30 minutes*
Beginning presentations of the projects (10-15 minutes each group). 5 minute break half way through.
*Break 30 minutes*
Continuing and finishing the presentations of the projects.
The game ‘Quiz-Quiz-Trade’ (the questions based on the events happening during the week) at the garden.
The evaluation of the project week.
Teaching materials used: playing cards, PowerPoint, Prezi

Sports day!

This is how our study group decided to plan the week for the 5th grade pupils.

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