Top 8 Articles For a Nowadays Teacher

    A good article for those who is trying to decide why to use ICT at school and to understand its main positive and negative sides. The advantages and disadvantages of using ICT at school and the affection of using Inherent at school are described in the article.
    Teacher Recommended: 50 Favorite Classroom Apps. The article gives an overview of programs which can be used for both teacher and students and all the apps are divided into the groups (apps to acquire information, apps that help make meaning, knowledge transfer apps).
    A good article for people who would like to get a job including ICT. There is also written how ICT can help your career. It shows the main differences between ICT and IT, so you will not have any problems with distinguishing them anymore.
    As ICT plays a big role in education sector, teachers have to deal with it, and find the best way how to include ICT into schools. This article offers you a few advises how to improve the effectiveness of ICT.
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    Unfortunately, some problems while working with ICT may occur. In this article, readers get acquainted to them and are also taught how to predict and solve the appearing differences.
    An article is answering the question “Does ICT contribute to powerful learning environments in primary education?”. It delves into the effects of ICT on different areas of education, and the contributions of so.
    Time to level up the level of the use of ICT in the classroom! This article gives all the necessary information about the use of ICT in a classroom, and apps and games that can be integrated into lessons and how.
    Top 10 E-Safety Tips to Keep Children Safe Online. In this article, the most important things to discuss with children are written. Nowadays, children spend lot of free time in social media and they have to know how to behave correctly not to get in troubles.

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