Dialang Test Results

Our English teacher gave us a task to complete Dialang Test (an online diagnostic system designed to assess a person’s proficiency in 14 European languages. Competences tested are reading, writing, listening, grammar and vocabulary). Here are my results:

Reading (C1)

At the moment the result I have achieved in reading is rather good for me, however, I have to improve it to reach better result which is necessary in my English teacher career. To improve my reading skills, I have to read many books of different kinds with different language styles. There are variations of books, novels, articles, etc., that can be found in the internet, for example, https://www.goodreads.com/list/show/8821.Best_Postcolonial_Literature and https://www.waterstones.com/category/cultural-highlights/end-of-year-highlights-2016/the-best-fiction-books-of-2016).

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When Teaching Turns Digital…

The evolution does not stand in place, the world and its citizens develop, becoming more and more intellectually advanced. Still, different cultures have different methods in raising and educating their children, which affects their behavior, lifestyle, and their life goals. But there is something common in the whole world: if you want your next generation to be successful and you are the one responsible for giving them necessary knowledge, you have to make them want to listen to you, and the only way how to achieve this is to try to reach their interests and give them information in an exciting and interesting way.

Luckily, for the last decade technologies that can be potentially used in school have noticeably improved and became more available for everyone. In my opinion, when teaching turns digital, it is much easier for children to understand and to remember the learning material – by using interactional boards, projectors, and educational videos children see the material visually, which makes it easier to remember the material. By playing educational games, it is more exciting and interesting for children to participate in the lesson and, as result, achieve good results in education and life. Continue reading “When Teaching Turns Digital…”

Our School Visit. Classroom Management From ICT Perspective

Our study group’s task during the observation week was just to observe everything, to take notes and ask different questions to the teachers in order to become more enlightened in the teacher’s tasks.

First of all, I have to say that Vestbjerg skole (which looks and works as a typical Danish school) is totally different from the schools which I used to see while living in Latvia. Apart from a thousand differences in a lesson organization system (the duration of lessons, holidays, classroom setting and so on) there are also lots of variations in methods, approaches teachers use, and, of course, the way they incorporate modern technologies while teaching. Continue reading “Our School Visit. Classroom Management From ICT Perspective”

Top 8 Articles For a Nowadays Teacher

  1. https://miraesiwinaya.wordpress.com/2010/01/22/the-advantages-and-disadvantages-of-using-ict-for-teaching-and-learning/
    A good article for those who is trying to decide why to use ICT at school and to understand its main positive and negative sides. The advantages and disadvantages of using ICT at school and the affection of using Inherent at school are described in the article.
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