ICT And Exercise In 5th Grade

The main task of one of our projects called ‘ICT and exercise in 5th grade’ was to develop a lesson plan which integrates ICT and exercise for a class in the 5th grade (age 11). We, as the study group, had to become a teacher team around this 5th grade class. Our main task was to develop a week study plan for the pupils.

Our group decided it would be useful for children to create a project during their Project Week. The main task for them is to choose and compare two different cultures and write and present the whole project in English. Continue reading “ICT And Exercise In 5th Grade”

ICT At Schools: Digital Natives Vs Digital Immigrants

Each year, decade and century brings many innovations into our world.

Nowadays, population is separated into two groups: those who are ‘Native Speakers’ of the digital language of computer technologies, and those, who are trying to learn this language. Do we have to use ICT at schools? How much time should an average person spend in social networks? What is better for use in classrooms – handwriting or typing? Those are questions that we hear everywhere, questions that stir up the entire world. Continue reading “ICT At Schools: Digital Natives Vs Digital Immigrants”